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A gripping story, at the same time personal and universal, about such a disaster and how a person can cope with it. Autobiographical report with reflection. Fluent. Moving. Gripping. Chronological. For a wide audience. Also valuable as a historical resource.

NBD Biblion (Dutch-language Library Service)

10 minutes ago I finished reading the book and it is now next to me, I can’t put it away yet. I simply had to write this, tell you that I was so touched by it and I want to thank you for that.


I drank the incredible story in one big gulp… As if I was there… so well written! Linda has made reflection, self-mockery and storytelling come together beautifully.


This book brings the tsunami into a completely different perspective for me: someone who did her utmost best with her team to save people ánd at the same time had to deal with the bluntness and selfishness of certain tourists. Unbelievable.