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Away from the water

Christmas Eve, 2004. A team of six tour guides raise a toast to their lives underneath the palm trees on the seashore as they celebrate together on a beautiful Thai beach.

How could they have known that in less than 24 hours their lives would never be the same?

One day later… (read more below)

One day later, their paradise is struck by one of the greatest disasters in history, leading to the death of 230,000 people. Overnight, the cheerful ´Team Phuket´ becomes an untrained First Aid Battalion on the bizarre battlefield the sea has left in its wake. They rescue guests, search for missing persons and pass on terrible news to relatives of their loved ones.

In a short time, they learn that life and death walk hand in hand and that a disaster brings out the best ánd worst in people: where one tourist takes care of dozens of injured people, another one demands a refund for ´the inconvenience´.

Supporting one another, the six colleagues find the strength they need in order to avoid collapsing during the inconceivable events of that week. The disaster will connect them forever. When they reunite as a group many years later, they realize that they can only truly talk to one another about the terrible week when the tsunami hit.

One of them – Linda – documented everything the group experienced. ´Away from the water´ is a compelling story about life and death, give and take, loss and friendship.


Phuket Sunshine Village

a foster home for children in need

For every copy of this book purchased, author and publisher donate 1 euro to Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation. This NGO was founded in 2005 after the tsunami.

A gripping story, at the same time personal and universal, about such a disaster and how a person can handle it. Autobiographical report with reflection. Fluent. Touching. Gripping. Chronological. For a wide audience. Also valuable as a historical source.

NBD Biblion (Dutch-language Library Service)

This book brings the tsunami into a completely different perspective for me: someone who did her utmost best with her team to save people ánd at the same time had to deal with the bluntness and selfishness of certain tourists. Unbelievable.


I drank the incredible story in one big gulp… As if I was there… so well written! Linda has made reflection, self-mockery and storytelling come together beautifully.


10 minutes ago I finished reading the book and it is now next to me, I can’t put it away yet. I simply had to write this, tell you that I was so touched by it and I want to thank you for that.


Get in touch with Linda

Linda loves people and is always open for conversation.

+34 633 081 001